WGB-ADP-090-U WGB-ADP-090-U WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 24V power supply US
WanderGuard Blue Tag 3 year
WanderGuard Blue Controller

WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 24V power supply US - WGB-ADP-090-U

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The WGB-ADP-090-U is the US version of the WanderGuard BLUE EX5700 24V power supply used to provide AC power to the EX5700.

The EX5700 Controller is typically installed above or in proximity to the monitored door. The Controller does the following:

    • Controls the door lock
    • Configured via WanderGuard BLUE Manager
    • Holds user credentials data (up to 45 users)
    • Switches between night and day mode per configured schedule
    • Supports Indoor and Outdoor Keypads
The WanderGuard Blue Starter Kit link is here: WGB-STARTER-1000-NA

The WanderGuard Blue Door Bundle Starter Kit link is here: WGB-DOOR-1000-NA


WanderGuard Controller Components:

    • One (1) LF (125 kHz) Transmitter
    • One (1) BLE Receiver to receive messages from Tags
    • One (1) BLE Transceiver for BLE communication with the WanderGuard BLUE Manager
    • Reset button
    • Two (2) 2 A output relays
      • Relay 1 – lock/unlock door
      • Relay 2 – alarm annunciation
    • 12 VDC power for Indoor/Outdoor Keypads
    • External LF for additional Exciter/Antenna
    • RS485 for Indoor Keypad
    • Wiegand Input for Outdoor Keypad
    • Real-time clock and battery
    • Three (3) Grounds
    • Four (4) 100mA output relays

      •  1 - Secure Door Lock (Lock)
      •  2 - Tag In Field (TIF) (preAlert)
      •  3 - Programmable
  •  Four (4) inputs
    • Door status
    • Manual bypass (REX – request for exit)
    • Override
    • Alarm in


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*All risk and liability is transferred to the customer who self-installs this product. Neither Salient Networks nor the manufacturer is liable for this product under any circumstance if self-installed.