WGB-DET-1000-NA WanderGuard Blue Detector
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WanderGuard BLUE Detector - WGB-DET-1000-NA

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The WGB-DET-1000-NA WanderGuard BLUE Detector is a component of STANLEY Healthcare’s new WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management Solution for monitoring facility doors and preventing at-risk resident wandering. The Detector is used to detect and activate Tags and check their battery level. It also enables Tags to be visible in WanderGuard BLUE Manager.

How It Works:

Wireless Communication

Using wireless technology, the WanderGuard BLUE Detector can detect up to 80 STANLEY Healthcare WanderGuard BLUE Tags simultaneously.  The LF range of the Detector transmitter is from 0.30 meters (0.98 feet) to 0.50 meters (1.64 feet). It receives BLE signals from the Tags.

LED Indication

The WanderGuard BLUE Detector is outfitted with three multicolored LEDs that indicate when the device is ON/OFF, Tag battery status and Detector LF signal status.

Supports WanderGuard BLUE Manager

The WanderGuard BLUE Detector triggers Tags in its LF range to begin transmitting BLE messages, allowing the Tag to be identified and displayed in the WanderGuard BLUE Manager.

Battery Charging

The WanderGuard BLUE Detector is supplied with a one-meter micro-USB cable to connect its micro-USB port to a PC or power outlet for purposes of recharging. Battery Status Any staff member can quickly and easily verify the Tag battery status without disturbing a resident or forcing them to walk to a door/exciter. Simply hold the Detector near the Tag. A Green or Red LED indicates the battery status.

    • Wirelessly detects and activates Tags
    • Supports WanderGuard BLUE Manager’s Tag scanning process
    • Multicolored LEDs for visual indications of LF strength and Tag battery power
    • Single button press to turn on, turn off, and activate Tags
    • Lightweight, small form factor hand-held device
    • Micro-USB port


The manufacturer requires a certified partner to install and activate this product. The manufacturer has the right to refuse service or assistance to customers who self-install.* After receiving your item, please call Salient Networks at 760-930-2600 for installation and activation.

*All risk and liability is transferred to the customer who self-installs this product. Neither Salient Networks nor the manufacturer is liable for this product under any circumstance if self-installed.