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WanderGuard EX3210 Exciter - EX-3210

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The EX-3210 Exciter and the other AeroScout LF Exciters are components of the STANLEY Healthcare suite of enterprise visibility solutions for location-based applications. The Exciter’s robust and sophisticated RFID detection capabilities enable the STANLEY Healthcare system to detect and manage AeroScout Tags at egress points and zone boundaries, or in other flow control situations.

Exciters transmit low frequency (LF) signals to trigger tags as they pass through an egress point or as they approach the exciter. The tags in turn transmit a Wi-Fi message to the STANLEY Healthcare system, triggering a configured exciter event. The exciter can activate/deactivate the tags, program them, or even cause tags to operate in a desired way (for example, to blink).


Theft Prevention:
Healthcare organizations or enterprises with expensive and mission-critical equipment can tag valuable assets that are intended to remain within a specified area. The STANLEY Healthcare system can track the location of such tagged assets and trigger an alert when they pass through an exit point or enter a restricted area.


Automatic Inventory Management:

Logistics organizations can update inventory records by automatically determining which assets are within the respective defined areas, thus ensuring real-time knowledge of inventory levels without manual checks or barcode scanning.



  • Deliver real-time alerts and egress point detection for improved operational efficiency
    • Trigger alerts and events for instant egress point detection
      • Leverage the same Wi-Fi tags that provide real-time location
        • Automate egress point control


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