SSPND-DOOR Replacement Battery Door for new SARA Water Resistant Pendants

SSPND-DOOR - Replacement Battery Door for Pendant Pack of 10

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The SSPND-DOOR consists of qty 10 replacement battery doors for the new SARA water resistant mobile duress device, part# SSPND-EN-SM and SSPND-EN-WR

Pendant Overview:
The SARA (SSPND-EN-SM) and (SSPND-EN-WR) Waterproof Pendants are a small, light-weight, versatile device. It can be held in the hand, worn on a belt or on a lanyard around the neck or wrist depending on which pendant you order.  By pressing and holding the single button, an alarm is activated. It is ideal for almost any environment and weighs only 0.6 ounces.

Pendant Features:

    • Fully supervised wireless 900MHz frequency transmitter which helps provide security and reliability
    • Large alarm button with alarm activation delay which makes it easy to use and helps to prevent false alarms
    • Low battery warning before battery depletion – one to two week warning allows for scheduled battery replacement
    • Flashing LED indicator during alarm activation
    • Water Proof–IP54 certification is classified as water-resistant, but not waterproof.The device is not designed for submersion in water. Use in the shower, rain or other situations where water could be splashed on the device is acceptable. Exposure to high pressure and/or water spray at less than 12 inches can cause damage and void the warranty. Submersion in any fluid will void the warranty

Pendant Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 1.6” x 1.6” x 0.5”
    • Weight: 0.6 oz.
    • Battery: SSBATPND (CR2450) –Mobile Duress Button Battery, pack of 20
    • Battery Life: 1 – 2 years depending on usage (actual results could be more or less). Note, SARA will provide daily low battery reports to keep you informed of which batteries need to be changed.
    • Compatible with Inovonics EchoStream

Pendant Documentation: