AR3KY01-030 Indoor RoamAlert Keypad Kit

RoamAlert Indoor Keypad Kit - AR3KY01-030

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The AR3KY01-030 Access Keypad is installed close to an exit equipped with a RoamAlert Door Controller. Using the keypad, staff can bypass the door with a tag without generating an alarm, or accept an alarm that has occurred at that Door Controller. The Keypad can be operated in one of two modes.

In Mode 1, each user has a unique PIN code (1000 maximum), entered and managed at a RoamAlert® Server PC, and cross-loaded into the Door Controller. When a staff member bypasses a door, or accepts an alarm, the event and the identity of the staff member is recorded in the database on the Server PC. Mode 2 offers two bypass codes and two alarm reset codes that are stored in the Keypad itself.

In Mode 2, no interaction with the Door Controller or Server PC is required, however, the individual identity of the staff member performing an action (bypass or alarm clearing) is not captured. The keypad provides an audible and visual indication of alarm conditions as well as standby, bypass, and power-on conditions.

When the Door Controller is placed in test mode, the Keypad can also used as a tuning tool to help adjust the field of coverage. Includes Keypad, RJ11 Cable, RJ11 Y adapter and single low voltage retrofit bracket.



  • Two operation modes: up to 1000 individual user PIN codes, or common bypass and reset codes
  • Reset function to accept alarm
  • 3 LED indicators: Standby, Alarm, Bypass
  • Audible alarm (adjustable volume)
  • Operates even if communication is lost with the Server PC
  • Mounts in single low voltage retrofit bracket (supplied) or single gang electrical box (not supplied)

    • Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.75 x 2.5” (11.5 x 7 x 6.5 cm)
    • Mounting: B11R Carlon Retrofit box (supplied)
    • Input Voltage:  12 VDC @ 200 mA


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*All risk and liability is transferred to the customer who self-installs this product. Neither Salient Networks nor the manufacturer is liable for this product under any circumstance if self-installed.