SSWPPCB-ENV2 Wirless Plunger Pull Cord

Plunger Pull Cord Base Wireless - SSWPPCB-ENV2

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The SARA Wireless Plunger Base (SSWPPCB-ENV2) provides reliable and flexible notification services with the addition of a reset/ check-in button. The reset button is utilized to cancel an activation as well as for daily check-in via a fully supervised transmitter that ends a distinct signal when activated. This allows system administrators to determine if the user has checked-in for the day.

An automated report is generated and sent to designated system administrators. The wireless design enables it to easily meet the needs of many environments without cabling. The Plunger Base Station can be easily relocated when needs to be changed.

Requires one of the following three plunger Cords:



    • Fully supervised wireless 900MHz frequency transmitter which helps provide security and reliability
    • Durable design can be activated by an attached plunger cord
    • Button used for reset
    • LED Lamp that illuminates and flashes when Alarm is engaged
    • Uses momentary or latched plunger cords


    • Dimensions:  4.75"H x 3"W x 2"D
    • Battery Life: 1 – 3 years depending on usage (actual results could be more or less). Note, SARA will provide daily low battery reports to keep you informed of which batteries need to be changed.
    • Compatible with Inovonics EchoStream