SSSIP-POE Lantronix Serial to IP Converter POE version
SSSIP-POE - Lantronix Serial To IP Converter
SSSIP-POE - Lantronix Serial To IP Converter

SSSIP-POE - Lantronix Serial To IP Converter

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The SSSIP-POE Serial to IP Converter provides a quick, simple and cost-effective way to bring data accessibility and remote management to devices that cannot connect to a network. It replaces expensive, dedicated PCs or lengthy serial cables with fast and reliable networking technology.


    • Compact size, smaller than a deck of cards
    • Supports RS232, RS422, and RS485 serial connections via its DB-25 serial port
    • Used for connection to Roam Alert and/or Accutech Wandering systems data networks
    • Allows for connection to Fire Alarm Panel serial printer ports
    • Allows for connection to devices located in other buildings or locations beyond serial cable distances back to SARA server provided on same LAN
    • 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet through the RJ-45 connector
    • Configure via HTTP, SNMP, DHCP, or Telnet
    • Flash ROM for easy software upgrades
    • Non Power over Ethernet version available (SSSIP)


    • PoE - Power Over Ethernet
    • Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.5 Kg)
    • Dimensions: 0.0 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches


The manufacturer requires a certified partner to install and activate this product. The manufacturer has the right to refuse service or assistance to customers who self-install.* After receiving your item, please call Salient Networks at 760-930-2600 for installation and activation.

*All risk and liability is transferred to the customer who self-installs this product. Neither Salient Networks nor the manufacturer is liable for this product under any circumstance if self-installed.