672008 Accutech Tag Activator Deactivator - STAD

Accutech Secure Tag Activator Deactivator (STAD) - 672008 - DISCONTINUED (see below)

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DISCONTINUED:  Please click one of the following replacement products:

Part# 762015 Accutech ID-TAD Activator for LC1200, ES2200 Systems

Part# 772015 Accutech ID-TAD Activator for LS2400, IS3200 and BR4200 Systems

The Accutech 672008 Secure Tag Activator Deactivator (STAD) saves your hospital or senior living facility money by extending tag life through their secure code turn-off capability. 

The Secure Tag Activator/Deactivator (S-TAD) is used to check the functionality of an Accutech Tag. Accutech Tags operate by internal battery. Over the course of normal operation, Tags eventually lose battery power and the Tags will need to be replaced. The S-TAD is used to determine if a Tag has sufficient battery power to respond to an activating signal.


DISCLAIMER: An S-TAD reading is in no way meant to be a replacement for taking a Tag to an active zone to test the range capability of the Tag. When you use an S-TAD all you really know is that the Tag has enough power to respond; it is NOT an indication of the range capability. In order to test the range capability of a Tag, you must take it to an active zone.


    • Saves Wander Tag Battery Lifespan
    • Easy to Operate
    • Activates and Deactivates Wander Tags
    • Detects Wander Tag Low Battery

    • Size: 5.5″ x 3.00″ x 1.25″
    • Battery: 9 Volt Standard
    • Transmit Freq: 127.6 Khz
    • Receive Freq: 418 Mhz